Hello, World! aah API application

This document takes you with few steps to learn and creating a Hello World aah API application. If you have not yet installed aah framework, refer Getting started with aah.

Step 1

Create API application using aah new command.

jeeva@mb-pro:~$ aah new
           aah framework v0.9 - https://aahframework.org
# Report improvements/bugs at https://github.com/go-aah/aah/issues #

Welcome to interactive way to create your aah application, press ^C to exit :)

Based on your inputs, aah CLI tool generates the aah application structure for you.

Enter your application import path: api-hello-world

Choose your application type (web or api), default is 'web': api

Choose your application Auth Scheme (basic, generic), default is 'none':

Your aah api application was created successfully at '/Users/jeeva/go-home/src/api-hello-world'
You shall run your application via the command: 'aah run --importpath api-hello-world'

Go to https://docs.aahframework.org to learn more and customize your aah application.


Step 2

Open the file $GOPATH/src/api-hello-world/app/controller/app.go in your favorite editor and modify the greet message to Hello World!.

After modification greet message will look like -

"Greet": models.Greet{
	Message: "Hello, World!",

Step 3

Let’s run your hello world API application.

aah run -i api-hello-world

Goto this URL http://localhost:8080 in your browser.

JSON response:

    "message": "Hello, World!"

Step 4

Congratulations, you have successfully created and executed the hello world API aah application.

Spread the word of aah, the web framework for Go. Thank you!

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