aah project file - aah.project

aah.project file holds the application info, build configuration and hot-reload values.

Table of Contents

Section: build { … }

Build section is used during aah application compile and build process.


Application binary name.

Default value is name attribute value from aah.conf.

binary_name = ""


Used as fallback if git commit sha or AAH_APP_VERSION environment value is not available.

version = "0.0.1"


If application is missing any dependencies in build import path during a compile and build process, aah CLI executes go get <package>. If it’s false then build shows error with list of dependencies which are not available.

Default value is false.

dep_get = true


Flag values is supplied to go build command.

Default value is ["-i"]

flags = ["-i"]


Ldflags is supplied to go build command as -ldflags ....

Default value is empty string.

ldflags = ""


Tags is supplied to go build command as -tags ....

Default value is empty string.

tags = ""


AST excludes is used for aah.Context inspection and generating aah application main Go file. For valid exclude patterns refer here.

Default value is ["*_test.go", ".*", "*.bak", "*.tmp", "vendor"]

ast_excludes = ["*_test.go", ".*", "*.bak", "*.tmp", "vendor"]


Packing excludes is used to exclude file/directory during aah application build archive. For valid exclude patterns refer here.

Default value is ["*.go", "*_test.go", ".*", "*.bak", "*.tmp", "vendor", "app", "tests", "logs"]

excludes = ["*.go", "*_test.go", ".*", "*.bak", "*.tmp", "vendor", "app", "tests", "logs"]

Section: log { … }

Since v0.9 Logger settings for the aah CLI tool.


Log level is used for aah CLI tool logging.

Default value is info.

level = "info"


Log colored output setting.

Default value is true.

color = false

Section: hot_reload { … }

Hot-Reload is development purpose to help developer. Read more about implementation here.

Note: Do not use hot-reload feature for production purpose, it’s not recommended.


To enable hot-reload for development purpose.

Default value is true.

enable = true

Section: hot_reload.watch { … }

Watch configuration - files/directories exclusion list.


To Exclude directory from watch list.

# Note: static directory not required to be monitored, since server delivers
# up-to-date file on environment profile `dev`.
dir_excludes = [".*"]


To Exclude file from watch list.

file_excludes = [".*", "_test.go", "LICENSE", "README.md"]