Release Notes - v0.11.x

What’s new?

  • WebSocket
  • aah single binary
  • Command aah migrate
  • OAuth2 auth scheme 3-legged flow
  • Configurable authorization on routes.conf



  • WebSocket #126, documentation
  • aah single binary aah build --single #156, documentation
  • Command aah migrate to fix/upgrade application codebase to latest aah version #116
  • OAuth2 auth scheme 3-legged flow #187, documentation
  • File search option in aah single binary <app-binary> -list "regex" #179
  • JSONSecure to prevent Cross Site Script Inclusion (XSSI) attacks #158


  • Configurable option of Authorization (roles and permissions) for each route #162, documentation
  • Automatic semantic route configuration for auth scheme form #184, documentation
  • Hot-reload view files without watcher support (no server restart) on profile dev #189
  • Added OnPreShutdown server extension point #185, documentation
  • Added OnHeaderReply server extension point to manipulate response headers at application level #181, documentation
  • Added option to override the path value in nested routes using ^ #190
  • No more intermediate startup scripts (, aah.cmd). Brings same experience with single and non-single binary #178, #183
  • Added server redirect support, www => non-www and vice versa #177, documentation
  • Single domain application does not need domain mapping configuration in environment profile #163
  • Request and Response code optimization #157
  • Most of the deprecated methods are removed in-favour of the new command aah migrate code #186
  • Config render.pretty is removed in-favor of REST client editor tool and browser support #165
  • Overall code and documentation improvements

Migration Guide

FAQ: How to update aah to latest version?

Migrate application

# Since v0.11.0
aah migrate code --importpath