Getting started with aah

It is very easy to start and work with aah. Let’s make sure you have Go environment ready.

Note: Since v0.12.0 aah requires >= go1.11.

Table of Contents

Installing aah CLI

aah user have multiple ways to install CLI into their system.

Note: Everytime you update Go, you must reinstall aah CLI, using one of the methods below.

Via Installer

macOS, Linux, BSD systems and Windows with Cygwin.

# Installs latest version of aah CLI
$ curl -s | bash
# OR
$ wget -qO- | bash

Install from Source for all platforms

$ git clone -b 'version-number' --single-branch --depth 1 aah-cli

# on *nix systems
$ cd aah-cli/aah && env GO111MODULE=on go install

# on Windows
$ set GO111MODULE=on 
$ cd aah-cli/aah
$ go install

Verify aah CLI

Checking aah CLI version. Learn more about aah CLI.

aah --version

Congratulations, you have successfully installed aah CLI and it’s ready to use :).

Creating first aah application

It is very easy to use aah CLI tool. Learn more about aah CLI using aah help.

Running aah application

# Go to application base directory
aah run

Open up the browser then navigate to address http://localhost:8080 to see aah application in action.

You will see a page like:

aah first app