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aah Logging Configuration

aah log package implements a simple, flexible, non-blocking logger. It supports console, file (rotation by daily, size, lines), max history (upcoming). It also has a predefined ‘standard’ Logger accessible through helper functions Error{f}, Warn{f}, Info{f}, Debug{f}, Trace{f}, Print{f,ln}, Fatal{f,ln}, Panic{f,ln} which are easier to use than creating a Logger manually. Default logger writes to standard error and prints log Entry details as per DefaultPattern.

aah log package can be used as drop-in replacement for standard go logger with features.

log.Info("Welcome ", "to ", "aah ", "logger")
log.Infof("%v, %v, %v", "simple", "flexible", "non-blocking logger")
# Output:
2017-05-03 19:22:11.504 INFO  - Welcome to aah logger
2017-05-03 19:22:11.504 INFO  - simple, flexible, non-blocking logger

Reference to App Config, Routes Config, Security Config.


Receiver is where the log values gets logged. Currently framework supports console and file receivers. And you can add Hooks into aah logger, for sending log data to splunk, kibana, etc.

Default value is console.

receiver = "file"


Level indicates the logging levels like ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG and TRACE. Config value can be in lowercase or uppercase.

Default value is debug.

level = "info"


To define log entry output format. Supported formats are text and json.

Default value is text.

format = "json"


Pattern config defines the message flags and formatting while logging into receivers. aah framework logger supports the following format flags-

Format flags: Usage of flag order is up to your pattern composition in the config.
  level     - outputs INFO, DEBUG, ERROR, so on
  time      - outputs local time as per format supplied
  utctime   - outputs UTC time as per format supplied
  longfile  - outputs full file name: /a/b/c/d.go (do not use for production)
  shortfile - outputs final file name element: d.go (do not use for production)
  line      - outputs file line number: L23 (do not use for production)
  message   - outputs given message along supplied arguments if they present
  custom    - outputs string as-is into log entry

The usage is %flagname:format

Note: Pattern is not is applicable for JSON format.

Default value is %time:2006-01-02 15:04:05.000 %level:-5 %message.

pattern = "%time:2006-01-02 15:04:05 %level:-5 %shortfile %line %custom:- %message"


File config attribute is applicable only to file receiver type.

Default value is aah-log-file.log.

file = "myapp.log"

Section: rotate { … }

Rotate config section is applicable only to file receiver type.


Policy is used to determine rotate policy. Currently it supports daily, lines and size.

Default value is daily.

# daily rotation, it's default one.
rotate {
  policy = "daily"

# size based rotation
rotate {
  policy = "size"
  size = "512mb"

# line based rotation
rotate {
  policy = "lines"
  lines = 100000


This is applicable only to if policy is size.

Default value is 512mb.

size = "100mb"


This is applicable only to if policy is lines.

Default value is 100000.

lines = 50000