Release Notes - v0.9

What’s new?

  • Anti-CSRF Protection
  • Server Dump Log - Request & Response
  • HTTP -> HTTPS redirect
  • Added scrypt and pbkdf2 password encoders; also you can add custom one too
  • Context Based Logging and Child Logger
  • aah switch command




  • Added scrypt and pbkdf2 password encoders. Also you can add your custom password encoder too, refer to documentation, #110
  • Added HTTP -> HTTPS redirect, refer to configuration, #112
  • Context Based Logger (App Name, App Instance Name, Request ID, Primary Principal and Custom fields) and Child Logger, refer to documentation, #111
  • Added option to disable color on console logging, refer to configuration and CLI configuration, #108
  • aah new command enhanced to create more customized Web and API application (security, etc)
  • Added error reason in aah.Error struct.
  • Code improvements, Documentation, Website improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Hot-Reload server 502 error on first request with Virtual Machine #120

Migration Guide


Please Note: Deprecated items will not break your functionality, planned to be removed in v1.0 release. However its good to adapt to latest changes.

  • Method AddServerTLSConfig is deprecated, use method aah.SetTLSConfig instead.
  • Config security.auth_schemes.<scheme-name>.password_encoder.type = "value" is deprecated, use security.auth_schemes.<scheme-name>.password_encoder = "value" instead.
  • Config build.log_level = "value" is deprecated in aah.project file. Use log.level = "value" instead.