Release Notes - v0.10.x

What’s new?

  • Validator
  • CORS
  • Pug View Engine
  • Application configuration reload with no-restart
  • Command aah generate for Dockerfile & systemd
  • aah Docker image for Release & Edge version -



  • Validator feature for route path params and struct fields [Form, JSON, XML] documentation, #132
  • CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) documentation, #133
  • Added Pug View Engine (formerly known as Jade), aah new command is enhanced to get view engine input #151
  • aah generate command is added to generate Dockerfile (dev & prod) and systemd service file #134, #135
  • aah update command is added to update framework to latest version on GOPATH #114


  • Application configuration reload via signal SIGHUP with no-restart documentation, #123
  • Added init.go file for aah application to evolve aah documentation, #142
  • Use parent path and controller in child nodes when not defined #137
  • Controller level error handler documentation, #132
  • Use public_assets.dir directory value for Static file mapping when base_dir is not defined #141
  • Error stacktrace presentation is improved to read easily; also added config runtime.debug.strip_src_base to strip base path documentation, #148
  • aah framework website revamped - improved search capabilities, readability, new UI and nice logo
  • Code improvements and documentation

Migration Guide

  • In v0.10 file init.go introduced to evolve aah framework, please add it your version control.
  • As part Validator implementation, error handling evolved. So aah.ErrorHandler have been refactored into aah.ErrorHandlerFunc, more info.